About Us

Hello and Welcome

I am John Salmons, the host of Takeoff Tech and a residential construction estimator serving home builders and lumber companies since 1994 dba Construction Research Group.

For the ten years prior to becoming a professional estimator, I swung a hammer installing almost everything I estimate today. During this time as a home builder and remodeler, I found myself strapping on the tool belt and framing most of my projects. I also installed my own roofing, drywall, interior trim and just about everything else that I could get my hands on. Having this hands-on field experience allows me to truly understand building materials and how to accurately estimate each of them today.

My specialties

  • 3D framing plans and lumber takeoffs using VisionREZ Building Information Modeling (BIM) software. This allows me to create a digital prototype on-screen and help resolve potential problems long before the first nail is driven.
  • Material takeoffs for all other building components using PlanSwift. My takeoffs are generated by tracing 2D architectural plans on-screen using the three fundamental measurements of estimating - Area, Length and Count .
  • And finally, my software of choice since the beginning – Microsoft Excel. Like most estimators, I’ve created some highly customized Excel Estimating Templates over the years. With Excel, I can easily re-tool my core templates based on the specifics of each builder or lumber company that I serve.

The mission of Takeoff Tech

My mission for this site is simple: To share my passion for estimating, the takeoff software I use to earn a living and my skills that I'm continually improving.

Happy Estimating!

John Salmons